Monday, February 25, 2008


What happened to the Hillary Clinton from last Thursday night? You know, the one who was "honored" to be on stage with Barack Obama? Her tune changed over the weekend, as she let loose cries of "Shame on you, Barack Obama!"
Meanwhile, her campaign is scrambling to circulate a photo of Barack Obama's meeting with a Somali Elder during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya. The photo was taken on his five-country tour of Africa. Despite the fact that Obama is wearing khakis, a polo shirt, and watch in the picture, the Clinton campaign would have us believe that the photo calls his Christian faith into question his Christian faith.

A year ago, I had a world of respect for the Clintons. But these last few months have taught me just how willing they are to play classic Washington politics to win an election. If Hillary wants to attack Barack Obama, then let her. But what she shouldn't do is stand up at a debate and pretend like she's the great healer in this campaign, only to then go and slander him at every subsequent rally.

Worse yet, the circulation of this photograph reeks of the worst kind of fear mongering, trying to stoke the flames of xenophobia and distrust toward Muslims.
For someone who attacks the Bush administration every chance she gets, Hillary sure is fond of Bush politics, especially when her chances of winning the nomination are looking grim.