Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UPDATE: Networks Show Clinton with Single Digit Win

As of 9:18 p.m. EST, the networks are projecting Clinton as the winner in PA by a narrow six point margin. This will do little to close the delegate or popular vote gap. The race now moves to Indiana and North Carolina on May 6th.

Here is the Reuters take on a narrow win for Clinton in PA:

"Given her once huge lead in polls and the state's blue-collar demographics, considered ideal for her candidacy, a narrow win would increase perceptions that she cannot catch Obama. With no more big states left to vote, Clinton would have little chance left to change the dynamics of the race and build momentum for the finish. A win would likely send her on to the remaining contests that end on June 3, but pressure would continue to build on Clinton to get out of the race. Clinton aides have tried to play down expectations, and insist "a win is a win." But in Pennsylvania, a narrow win might not be enough for Clinton."

With two more big states remaining, the challenge for Clinton is going to be to stay afloat financially. More on the money picture later.