Tuesday, May 6, 2008

UPDATE: Obama Wins N.C., Tightens Indiana Race

Barack Obama won by a wide margin in N.C., taking the state by nearly a 2 to 1 margin. Meanwhile, in Indiana, early on it looked like HRC had a formidable lead, but as results poured in, Obama pulled first within single digits, and now (9:56 p.m. EST) to within just 4 points.

As a side note, our local Indiana ABC affiliate is switching from primary coverage to Dancing with the Stars coverage, which says a lot, I suppose. After spending a lot of time and effort both online and on the streets working for the Obama campaign these last couple weeks, it's great to see him narrow the Indiana margin to low single digits. While Obama himself acknowledged in his N.C. speech that Clinton appears to have won Indiana, it's impressive to see him whittle away at her lead.

Obama's speech certainly struck a different tone tonight. At first I was a little but confused: Why was he saying things like "If I'm the Democratic nominee," and claiming that his supporters would back Hillary. Then, it dawned on me (I'm a little slow this evening) that he's only working toward the sort of conciliation that will have to happen once he does take the nomination. His speech tonight did align him and HRC against McCain, which made me wonder whether the Obama/Clinton ticket is any closer than it used to be.

Comments? What's everyone think about the Obama/Clinton ticket? Pros and cons?