Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Joe Biden put to rest any doubts. Delivering the most scathing attacks on John McCain so far, Biden led cheers that McCain would only be "more of the same." He warned that four more years of Bush/McCain politics could set American back a decade, and repeated emphatically that on every major national security issue of the past six years, John McCain was wrong, and Barack Obama has been proven right.

During one light moment of the speech, Biden warned the audience about "voting for Bush--McCain--," and calling the error a "Freudian slip," much to the amusement of the DNC audience.

Obama joined Biden and his wife on stage at the end of the speech, gearing up the audience for what should prove to be an historic climax at Mile High Stadium tomorrow night. It took three days to pass the torch, but now that he has it, the White House is within reach.