Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frustrating finance...

So HRC can swallow her pride and get along with Obama. Does that mean he (read: his supporters) should forgive her debts? She should be paid for her cooperation with larger party goals? Should future candidates be encouraged to spend recklessly knowing that at least their opponent might pay for their mismanaged campaigns?

It's all the evidence I need that our system is broken. I speak for a lot of Obama supporters when I say that I didn't pledge much, but it was what I could, and now to see potentially $10 million handed over to old-school Clinton loyalist media groups, well, that's upsetting.

Is it too much to ask that my $50 will be spent promoting Barack Obama?

At least Bubba is out of the country, back to his foundation work. So he can go from heaping criticism and lewd remarks toward Obama on a daily basis, and then shift rhetoric to talking about global poverty. Very ex-presidential. Witness Clinton returning to his assumed role as this sort of hyper-powerful global CEO with no accountability. I think he could probably raise that $10 million himself with just a few speaking engagements.