Tuesday, June 3, 2008


After a long and historic Democratic primary, tonight Barack Obama will secure the delegates needed to claim the presidential nomination.
Hillary Clinton is expected to suspend her campaign, admitting that Obama indeed has the 2,118 delegates needed to lock in the nomation, although she will not formally concede the race to Obama.
With more than five months remaining until the general election this November, Obama can now turn his full attention toward the one on one match-up with John McCain in a race that will show two very different candidates arguing for two very different visions for America's future.
The word 'historic' has been tossed around a lot this campaign, but it truly is appropriate. This race has been history in the making, and although Clinton did not walk away the winner, her persistance in this race did see to it that for the first time in decades, each and every state in the union did have its voice sound clearly in the national race. Although Clinton's conduct in this race was disappointing at times, her presence in the race did honor the democratic process. Hopefully, she will adhere to the will of the people rather than pursue the nomination through courtrooms or backroom deals.
Now for the really exciting part--taking back the White House.