Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clinton Wins First States Since Super Tuesday, Snapping Obama's 11 State Win-Streak

After losing 11 states in a row, Hillary Clinton finally managed to pull out victories in Ohio and Rhode Island. Obama won Vermont handily. Texas, as of 12:11 a.m. EST, remains to close to call.
Talking heads are going to work especially hard to spin Clinton as the "Comeback Kid." Haven't we heard this before? Let's remember that the cable news networks are out there to sell advertisements. The appearance of a close race sells more adds than reality. Reality, in this case, is that Obama ends the day with basically the same dramatic lead he started with.

Let's not forget that until today, Clinton had lost 11 states in a row. She had not claimed a victory since Super Tuesday. In order to win tonight, she had to lend her own campaign $5 million, and use that cash to implement race-based smear campaigns and broadcast fear-mongering advertisements.

Some Obama supporters will make the claim that the primaries are about winning delegates, not states. The fact is, it's about winning delegates and states. Right now, Obama has more of both.