Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama Wins Wyoming by 20 Points, Clintons Clamor for Joint Ticket

Congratulations to those volunteers in Wyoming who helped the Obama campaign to a 20 point victory Saturday!

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton echoed his wife's calls for a joint ticket Saturday, saying that a Clinton-Obama ticket would be "almost unstoppable." Quite the change of tune from just a couple weeks ago when the Clintons were saying that Obama should be ashamed of himself.

Why are the Clinton's suddenly making such a big fuss about a joint ticket after their wins in Ohio and Texas last Tuesday? If those two wins were so big, wouldn't they be more fervent than ever about attacking Obama? Not quite.

After Tuesdays results, and especially after today's Obama win in Wyoming, it is painfully clear to the Clinton campaign that a pledged delegate lead is next to impossible. At this point, the best they can hope for is a mass exodus of super-delegates from the Obama side to the Clinton side. They are hoping to encourage such change of hearts by harping about what a great joint ticket Clinton-Obama would be. Their hope is that if we end up with a brokered convention, then the powers-that-be will see the "wisdom" in having Clinton on the top of the ticket.

What they fail to see is that votes for Obama are votes against the same old politics that the Clintons represent. A Clinton-Obama ticket would disenfranchise the millions of voters who have been participating in the Obama campaign precisely because it represents a new direction in American politics. Likewise, if Obama were to choose Clinton as his running mate, it would undermine his calls for change.

The joint ticket conversation is a last ditch effort on the part of the Clintons to wheel and deal their way into the White House. Fortunately, pledged delegates and super delegates are already making their choice, and in record numbers: In 2008, change is the name of the game.