Friday, March 21, 2008

"IMPRUDENT CURIOUSITY": State Department Employees Fired for Viewing Obama's Passport Info

Two State Department employees have been fired for improperly (read: illegally) viewing Senator Obama's passport files. The offenses occurred on three separate dates, Jan. 9, Feb. 21, and Mar. 14, and in three separate offices across the country. The employees from the first two incidents have been terminated. The employee in the third incident is in disciplinary proceedings.

By no means am I trying to offer up some conspiracy theory. If the Clintons or anyone else wanted access to Obama's private information, I'm sure they have much more nefarious ways of getting to it. (Skull and Bones, anyone?) Besides, how many State Department employees probably do this all the time? I'm sure plenty of water-cooler conversation has centered around the passport files of Brad Pitt.

For the time being, hopefully this will shift the news cycle away from the tiresome chatter about Rev. Wright.