Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Challenge to Florida

While the primaries in each South Carolina and Nevada are no doubt important in the race for the Democratic nod, history both recent and bygone, along with a more pressing primary, should tell us that Florida will play a key roll in this year’s elections.

At this point Senator Clinton leads Obama in the state polls by a large margin: Clinton’s 43 percent to Obama’s 21. This could be because of the large population of New York retirees in Florida or similarly because “…an electorate that skews older tends to be heavily female.” ( In fact, women voters made up 55% of the democratic primary in Florida in 2004.

With the race in each of the other early primary states very close, these numbers may look daunting for the Obama campaign. However, a question is raised that bears attention: Could these polls reflect a population that, so far, is making their choice based on superficial rather than educated criteria? Could be.

The fact that New York Senator Clinton leads in a population made up of a great number of voters who are both female and originally from New York suggests the validity of that question, and so this post is a challenge to Florida: Read up on the candidates, become educated, and make your choice based on what you really think is good for our country. If that choice continues to be Hillary Clinton, regardless of sex and state, at least it was made for the right reasons. But become educated, above all. You might be surprised at what you find.