Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweeping Inferences: Barack's Denomination

The campaign trail, or "marathon" as I would like to call it, is starting to make headway into unruly territory. Recently, I received an e-mail indicating the cry out for American sense in terms of voting for Barack Obama. It came from a source that will remain nameless.

My point is this: I dot not appreciate unfair accusations, especially those irrevelant to the ability and integrity of Barack Obama or any other presidential candidate. For one, it distracts those easily influenced and uneducated from the truth. It manipulates people with hidden messages and racial filth. The e-mail I read infers that since Barack's father was a Muslim and his mother was an atheist that he would, obviously, allow his parents' spirituality to afflict his moral understanding and, in turn, misuse it if given the vote to act as president of this country.

Wow. That word is the only word I can think of when I read this.

Let's see past the facts: that Barack attended a Muslim school, or that he attended a Catholic school, or that he is now Christian but may still hold ties to certain values that are Muslim, or that the religion he was introduced to has or continues to be practiced by terrorists. What appauls and abhors me when I read these allegations is this: how does one believe, out of what disregard they may have a Democratic candidate, that it is ever okay to assume that all those who practice or were once introduced to a form of Muslim religion are in fact terrorists?

This e-mail directly states that since Barack was exposed to a form of Muslim religion that is practiced by terrorists, that he must be corrupt and evil as well, associating himself with terrorists and their beliefs. I am outraged by such accusations and perturbed to know that fellow locals and friends who may not know his standards, or maybe easily influenced, will be subjected to reading this. I cry out for common sense, reason, and ethics. Morals.

Speaking of morale, here is the most horrific message of it all. Are all Muslims terrorists? Are all those who are exposed to such practices at one time or another doomed to be terrorists? To be unethical and unreasonable people?

Barack is ethical. He is reasonable. He is sensitive to the world around him and takes the utmost consideration to the terror facing our nation and the relationships we have with other nations as well.

To whomever wrote this e-mail, to whomever read this account and may think twice, to whomever may believe these accusations, I ask you to challenge this. I ask you to believe in change--believe in what we want America to be and not what it already has become, once faced, or continues to fight for: equality and freedom.