Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Say No to Mud!

As the Obama campaign continues to gain momentum, and as his opponents become more desparate, efforts to tarnish Obama's image will become increasingly hostile.
Since the Iowa victory, Obama's opponents have returned to baseless attacks on his religious background and personal history. Barack Obama has been perfectly candid about his past in his memoirs, yet his opponents, failing to attack his policies directly, are resorting (again) to old fashioned mudslinging.
Nobody said this campaign would be easy. But one thing that we can do to distinguish ourselves is to take the higher road. If someone you know is spouting information about Barack Obama that is clearly false, politely remind them to check their facts.
If someone you know is using workplace or institutional email to forward libelous spam about Barack Obama, check your workplace email policy to see whether such communications are in violation of the rules. Most employers and institutions have strict policies prohibiting employees from using company or institutional email for political solicitation. Considering much of the Barack Obama spam is racially charged and bordering on hate speech, kindly reminding your co-worker of the company policy may end up saving him or her from trouble in the future.
This public service announcement brought to you by BlogObama08.